Friday, August 6, 2010

this make me SICK!!

~ Berdiam diri adalah unsur yang terbesar untuk membentuk perkara-perkara besar~


Im here again with swing mood..Really Im not in mood right now.I dont know why?..Just Im feel uncomfortable right now..Urgh!!!!!...I loath this feel..!

Ok!! sometimes I just want make the things simple but it cant bcz is going to be complicated until Im feel messy n it start clutter my mind..and Im start asking myself with alot of questions..

what happen to you?
It is to hard for you?
Why must you make the things going complicated, just let it?
why you anger?
who made you anger?
Are those thing make you feel like this?

Huh? really Im said it before, there are alot of quetion coming out in my mind.I know it was my responsible but I dont know why I cant do it..I just want to be free right now. far away from all those thing yg clutter my mind skrng ni..damm!!!!! Im dont want this feeling. Go away from me!!! Just go n leave me alone!!!!

Yeah!!! I'm feel better now.Just write what I'm feel n for those yg takleh nk trime semua ni..just shut it off.! Anybody out there will getting hurt when I want to say

Ok r before the situation getting worse better I'm off!!!

lastword: start search who I am?..need some quiz!


  1. jgn emo2 ye down urself... =)

  2. teremo sekejap..huhu~
    perubahan hormon r kak..
    skrng ok dh...:)