Tuesday, August 3, 2010

after a DAY


Here, today a mother still do their job by take care of their family even have to work,
a father still buzy with their work at office,
a child out there keep waiting for their dadday to pick them after a school..
nothing changes..is what going out here too. day going buzy day to day and I'm getting lost here..
Ops!!! I really need my life back.

Ceh!!! ayat mcm la dh takde life lansung kat sini..tp mmg pun..hahaha!
actually quite boared here when Im keep doing the same thing every day..
wake up early in the morning for class then keep going untill evening..
then continue for the class at night..Huh?..is that call student?
Really?!!!...mybe one day Im going to smile when think about how's my life when Im on stdying..
the momment sometimes so nice but sometimes is look like nightmare to me..huhu..

Ok..new style of writing here..make renovation for new month..almost 5 month I have keep writtting here..without wonder what Im want to write bcz I just live on my life..
Thanx aloot to all of you that have been here for a while mybe..really thanx..:)
and today Im keep on writting bcz I like to live on this way n the big things are when I got to know and learn something from all of you..:)

lastwords:lets get some quiz..:)

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