Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my 1st Quiz


td aku telah pun merepek ddan mebebel sikit sambil makan kerepek cecah air teh...
then tetibe nk maen love quiz..
so now lets take a look the result..:)

result image

Are you in 'L-O-V-E'

BFF Forever..maybe...

Have you guys been friends for awhile? Like ever since you were little? Well time changes and so do people, No one person is the same forever. As your intrest change your type changes so maybe your falling for your BFF. Is this good? I'v never been in love with my best friend but it would be very complicated. I'm not a love guru so i wish you the best of luck with your emotions!! You have one life, so live it hard! LovenLearn

Hahahahaha!!!...ni lah die bile sekali dan sekadang nk wat keje yg luar alam..mcm r takde quiz laen nk maen..npe? is there something pop up in your life?..


I have found the love letters now..I told already bfre this..:)
just want to share something yg memang luar kerak bumi..Fuh?.!

lastword: another quiz going to be on tomorrow..:)

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