Thursday, August 5, 2010


1) thanks nd link d person that tagged u

firstly, thanx to this person. who kindly give this award to me..
credit for you miss azyan

2) tag 15 bloggers u haved rec ently discovered nd think fatastics

erm?..rmainye..takpe2 demi blogger yg tercinta..
sanggup ke renang kolam di bendang luar..Huh?..eyakS!!!

3) contact that blong and let them know they've been tagged

alamak?!..kene tupup byk r cmni..takpe2 tampal notis sudah..hehehe

4) state 7 things about urself



-emotional (sejak ddk jauh2 ni r)
-quite 'cerewet' when talkng about fashion, my work n other stuff..Huh!
-loving (rase cm tgh tgk citer pontianak!..hahah)

n never

-just want everything is belong to you (cruel n selfish!)
-never think about others bcz i have my world!
-really have syndrome 'day dream'

~The End~

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  1. tahniah... byk lg ruang nak tepek kat blog tu