Saturday, August 21, 2010

keep on thinking

~everything is fated. Only interchanged by God's will, effort and doa.~


I'm start on thinking about my stdy right now. Have I finish cover all the subject? Have I made a revision for the last year question? Have I manage a good time table for my stdy? Have I make the things that important on a top?Ok!!! the answer is..NO, NO, NO...and still NOT YET!..Huh? Great right?..Yeah it's look great when you planing to get kill out you life! make a step right now bfre you realize that you have miss smmthng that is 'impotant' in your life..saiko..~

I have nothing to write actually, suddenly my mind is blocked..and my day is still same, nothing change here until I the one that will make the change.Huh?..ayt mcm ape enth ni. mule nk wat semak pg2 cmni..ok stop from make a waste thing and start to make something that can make you life like rainbow but the rainbow is not always there..come with shine,gone with silent. stop being a emotional person. I hate to be a emotional ones..Get out from my heart!!..

Times up.shut it off and grab your notes..

lastword: I'm in confusion to know smthing in a deep of me?!

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  1. rjinnya kak pkir pasal study.T.T
    rilek kak,skali skala jdi emo.bkn slalu:)