Friday, July 30, 2010


~Nilai manusia adalah semahal nilai matlamatnya-Marcus Aurelius~


Almost a week I dont post any entry.It is because quite bzy with my english class on night.Then next week I have english clas directly, Madam decide to make the class direct because she want to finish the hours before fasting month then on fasting month we not going to have any class but after Hari Raya Puase wo are going only 6 hours left to be complete..then more class n start focus on my stdy..sound GREAT right?..wish I can do it!!

Suddenlly I'm miss my mom, my dad and all of them.I want going home..please anybody want to by tickets for me..huhu.but whatever comes, my decision is FINAL..I'm going home for 3rd day of fasting..then I have wasting almost RM1** for the 2 ways ticket just for one night n one day package at home..huhu..but I'm need to be home because I'm getting homesick right now..!

Happy to say now that all my note are clear, all have been set up on one book nicely. No more headache to find all the notes..hehehe..Ops!!!..I'm keep avoid not to say abaout my notes, my stdy, my asgmnt now..bcz it times to relax..huhu..ok!!..drop the subject..

Not story to share but just want to say yang aku rase diri ni dh tercampak ke benua mane enth then lagi sorang tercampak ke benua mane.He have own life n me to.Then just have a coffer for 2 or 3 then going be silence like you have going back to benua selatan..hahaha!!..look I sid it just know..bile pale dh pusing duk menghadap buku nk wat intervensi je memanjang all my metafora and hyperbola have comes out..hehehe..

Ok..get move on your work.times is over...lastly, for those yg follow my blog please tinggalkan jejak or tapak kaki korang utk aku visit n follow blog kalian plak..ok!..

Lastword:what will u say when Im say ''hey! tahu tak sy rindu awk?".."sy tipu ni..awk caye tak?''..then can i guess what u will saying..?..huhu~


  1. O.O
    spanjang bln posa x da kelas??bestnya.
    azyan kna study plak utk exam T.T

  2. ni kompom bukan crita cinta antara dua benua yeh?

  3. azyan : clas siang ade lg..mlm je takde cntinue stdy r bb raye ke 8 exm..huhu.

    cemomoi : benua tu tak takat nk ckp antre laut china selata dengan selat melaka tu boleh r..hehehe.