Wednesday, July 7, 2010

tired again

~Mengetahui perkara yang betul tidak memadai dan bermakna jika tidak melakukan perkara yang betul~


sometimes 24 hours is not enough to do all things on human i need time for rest, sleep with nice dream and expecially mybe i can have ABC cz it really hot is still my 1st week on stdy.evrything make me feel want shut down evrythng n start it again with next plan..sounds i have done a big mistake right?..Yeah!! was really bigger when im fail to manage my time to list up evrything n fail to create something new in my way..sometimes i feel too misereable..but i have Her..d love letters is always on my side..Amin..

yesterday i going for audition..actually i confuse either to atend it or not cz smthng cross in my mind..then suddenlly i change my mind n just atend it..without any of hope..just going for funs..but great when im chosen..but when it happen im feel just want to cut it off..n just realize dat r mistake i have me..just let it go..n it was d last time n d last moment for my more *da---*...just stop it..back on what i want..

ok..mybe until here only.i need to continue my asgmnt.then im going to sleep with a really nice dream..Wah?..really tired for all those happen today.just put FULLSTOP on there then hope no more today for tomorow bcz tomorow will be more great from today..Yeah!!..

lastword:feel like missing something but i dont know..????


  1. ko gelak nnt..huhu..
    pertdgn desember nnt kat kolej jururawat melaka..
    korban cuti..tu yg sadis.