Sunday, July 25, 2010

a BAD day..

~Beauty is only skin-deep~


today is a bad day for me. Im feel down, really down..Im just cant wait for tommorow.wish today just a night mare for me.And tommorow is going more better thas today..hopefully..:). I dont know what is going on suddenly Im feel so bad start from this Morning. Nothing happen but Im feel like to run away from today and suddenly to Im miss Intan so much!!..Damm it!!.I want home, my mom, my dad and give me my abg..really need them now. I miss them like orng gilak already..huhu. Tonight I have class, the class should be on Monday night but teacher have some event then we need to replace the class tonight..Oh!!!..Im feel so lazy now..please wake up!! you need to go..ok!! excuses!!..Ok I had to ho now, take a bath then go for class..

lastword:tak suke HARI ni..!! serius ni tak maen2..


  1. saba2 ea dik!:)
    jgn ada benci! hee klu x suke senyum cmni ---> =DD
    sbb symn dpt memadamkan kesedihan y paling dalam:) insyaAllah

    nati jempot dtg blog yer

    ade entry2 menarik utk kaum hawa:)
    p/s jd follower skali!

  2. trime kasih..:)
    alhamdulillah semuanye dh kembali normal..
    mmg kene senyum je la ni..hehehe