Sunday, July 4, 2010

nag about nothing

~Kemahiran dan ilmu semakin di guna semakin banyak~


today is 1st class for stdy..n continue until 3 month bfre i have mid sem test n clinical area for 6 weeks, 3 weeks for surgical n 3 weeks for medical ward..n totally for today i have cover for chapter 1 in Health Science we can speak only about hormone..its sound like starts with smthng nice n end with smtnhg sweet..part of d way how to fall in love with all of dis..try it then u will know it~Hlovate..

then im going better now..pathogen has surrender and antibody has win with help from panadol soluble..sounds good right? i have to focus pd asgmnt yg mmg semakin hari semakin berbukit bukau dan berbakul bakau..anybdy want to help me?..with my pleasure..:)

actually i have no idea to share now..just nag about smthng dats not important.n it also a part of way to get some improvement.with support from my beloved rumate yg mmg makin Doraemon but she still cute like lyana Jasmin Zhulian.. some picture about my activity during dis weekend..enjoy it..:)

Bukit Besar..even demam pun blasah je g panjat bukit ni..
look demam pun still leh senyum dgn baik..:)

Pantai Kelulut some where dkt Dungun if not mistaken..
after tired climb up at Bukit Besar..
join ''pertandingan memancing''..

teman Ina g maxis centre then stuck..
waiting Pkck n its too hot!!
dat times im still got fever..huhu.

lastword:i know it..n u 2.but no word can be described..just let it go time by time..

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