Thursday, July 1, 2010

im not in good condition

~Sometimes sadnees only inspires you~

Assalammualaikum..:)'re ur day? its is bright as sunshine..hope today is going better n tomorow is more more more better..Amin. today is totally quite tired..arnge for new pit, then arge for unifrm shoes then wif d clas n my make me fell more sick..with my nose are running..Wah?..mmg rase rimas dh smpai nk g pasar mlm tukar hidung baru..! tak kire r jual ke tak..yg penting nk gak..n early morning td rase headache yg mmg melampau sgt!..viral fever?..DAMM!!! i don't like it..hey pathogen get out from here to catch you..then everythng can back to normal..breath like usual without any discharge.. not really takleh la nk bebel2 panjang sgt..c u tmrw ok..tmrw is holiday.for those yg tak berada di Terengganu..i wish u with smile..:)..

lastword:Oh!!!..cepatlah sihat sikit..boleh wat blogwalking..tak pernah lupe..i really miss them..:(

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